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EBuddy-Mobile-Messenger.jpg Websites:

SafeTeens - Learn about the dangers of distracted driving
textEd - Education, articles, links, and tips created to offer insights on behavior with mobile phones
Cell Phone Safety Tips - Internet safety for teens created by SafeTeens
Sexting Primer for Parents - Teach your children about the legal and social concerns of sexting
Cyberbullying - A cool site that communicates to high school students about cyberbullying using cellphones
Sexting - The Jesse Logan Case
Mobiles - Think You Know?
Chat Danger - Five games on mobiles, chatting, emails, gaming, and instant messenger by Childnet International
CyberSmart Teens Mobile - Tips on safe and secure cell phone use
Sexting - Today Show segment on sexting....very good information!
Sexting - Innocent fun or a dangerous game? Read this article from a teen and you will know the whole picture

Contact Melanie Wiscount, Cyber Safety Curriculum Committee Chairperson (sub-committee of Emerging Technologies Committee of Palmyra Area School District, Palmyra, PA) at melanie_wiscount@pasd.us for information, questions or comments.