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Operation Safe Surf for Parents - Provided by Tom Corbett, PA Attorney General's office
Online Safety IQ Challenge for Parents - an online quiz to assess your understanding of the digital environment of today
Warning Signs: Online Habits...Paying Attention Keeps Kids Safe - from Cyber Patrol

PCAU 2007 Cyber Predator by freestylemg on YouTube

Statistics every parent should know.

Childnet International - Cyberbullying by KLSSupport on YouTube

A video every parent needs to watch. Be attentive to the warning signs.

Bullied to Death: They Committed Suicide Because of Bullying by zweeps on YouTube

Safety Clicks - a blog for parents about Internet safety for their children
Internet Safety LiveBinder - Created by SimpleK12, this livebinder is filled with resources for students, teachers, and parents
iLearn Online - The leader in e-Safety education; this requires you to create an account; education for teachers, parents, mentors, adults, & law enforcement.
Bullying at School and at Home - Offered by, bringing learning to life, this site provided Bullying links, resources, advice, and answers to many questions about bullying. Parent Resource Center - You don't have to be a computer expert to keep your child safe online.
WiredKids - A site for parents to learn about cyber safety. - Always on? Always aware.
Digizen - Teaching your children how to be good digital citizens
Online Safety Tips - Safe Internet surfing tips for parents and children from Cyber Patrol
DYK Online Lingo - from Cyber Patrol, a list of common student Internet language and acronyms
Point Smart. Click Safe. - Click on videos at the bottom of the page.
Point Smart. Click Safe. - Click on tutorials at the bottom of the page.
Tools for Educators & Parents to Teach Students about Downloading Music and Music Piracy - Provided by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America)
Video Gaming Safety Tips - Connect Safely offers parents good advice about their children and video gaming.
Internet Gaming Addiction - an Internet Safety podcast that every parent of a gamer should listen to for understanding; talks about without success without sacrifice places students in a mindset that is unrealistic to their real world.
GetGameSmart - A guide for students and parents about gaming.
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children - Resources for parents and guardians
Making a Difference for Kids - A cyber safety tips for parents
Cyberbullying - What every parent and teacher should know about cyberbullying
Cybersmart Parents - Connecting parents to cyber safety resources
Sexting Primer for Parents - Teach your children about the legal and social concerns of sexting
Cyber-Safety: Keeping Kids Safe in a Wired World - Created by Rob Nickel, provides resources to assist parents and educators in the fight to help keep children safe in a wired world
Love Our Children USA for Parents - Internet safety facts; get surf serious; get surf smart; get surf safe!
Love Our Children USA for Kids & Teens - Many good resources however some parts, even though are strong messages to keep our children safe, are graphic in content; please review first before showing your children.
textEd - Education, articles, links, and tips created to offer insights on behavior with mobile phones
GetNetWise - Tools for families
GetNetWise - Online safety guide; check on the left hand side for more Safety by Age information, ages 2-17
Get Privacy-Wise - By GetNetWise, this webpage offers tips and advice on safeguarding your privacy in a digital world
FBI Parent's Guide to Internet Safety - The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C), and the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA).
Cyberbullying by Age Group - What to tell your kids and at what age?
CyberSmart Parents - Created by ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Association) for parents
CP80: Evolve the Internet to Protect Children - Safeguard your children away from pornography
Internet Safety for Kids & Families - provided by

Sites for Keeping Your Children Safe:

SafetyWeb - Who are your children emailing? Software download
Parent Care - Who is talking to your children on MySpace? Software download
Cell Safety - Where is your child using the cellphone? Is it when behind the wheel? Software download
Monitoring Kids Cell Phones - Learn about parental control apps for your children's phones
AOL Safe Social - Learn about how parents can ensure their child's safety in our digital world
My Mobile Watchdog - parental-monitoring software for children cell phone use
Cyber Patrol - Protecting People Online
ParentsControlSexting - Parental Control Software to stop sexting

Internet Safety by Infosource 2008 on YouTube

More statistics that every parent should be aware of in our children's digital world.

Documents -

McAfee Family Internet Plan - This plan will help guide parents and children on what it means to live digitally safe.

Net Cetera - Chatting with Kids About Being Online:

Parental Controls and Online Child Protection: A Survey of Tools and Methods by Adam Thierer

Cyber Savvy Teens - A Guide for Parents:

Cyber Safety Presentation - Tips & Important Information for Parents:

CyberSafety - Protecting Your Kids & Teens Online (Tom Corbett, PA Attorney General):

Parent's Guide to Social Networking Sites:

Internet Safety Tips for Parents:

Cyber Safety Guide from Times Warner & Cyber Angels:

Internet Safety for Adults:

Katie Couric's Notebook segment: Sexting, on youtube

The Today Show's segment on Sexting

Contact Melanie Wiscount, Cyber Safety Curriculum Committee Chairperson (sub-committee of Emerging Technologies Committee of Palmyra Area School District, Palmyra, PA) at for information, questions or comments.