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These videos are included in the PASD K-12 CyberSafety Curriculum for High School - Grade 9

Grade 9: Your Online Image - Lesson Introduction

Think Before You from youtube, PSA Video

Grade 9: Your Online Image - Lesson Closure

Think Before You Post - from youtube, PSA Video

Grade 9: Safe & Unsafe Communication

Clare Thought She Know - CEOP Film, youtube

Grade 9: Understanding Copyright

What's Copyright, youtube by MediaEdLab

Grade 9: Understanding Copyright

Copyright Education User Rights, Section 107, youtube by MediaEdLab

Grade 10: Keeping Your Online Profile Safe

Profile Penalty by NS Teens

Internet Safety: A Cautionary Tale by filmpenner on YouTube on Cyberbulling by NetSmartz on You Tube

Contact Melanie Wiscount, Cyber Safety Curriculum Committee Chairperson (sub-committee of Emerging Technologies Committee of Palmyra Area School District, Palmyra, PA) at for information, questions or comments.