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Our Vision of the Cyber Safety Initiative

To create in each student a consciousness of civil, responsible, ethical, and accountable use of technology in digital citizenship, security, communication, and use of media.

Scope & Sequence -

Cyber Citizenship, CyberSafety, and Cyber Bullying Awareness (sequence of topics; we agreed that each topic should be revisited in different forms each school year for each grade level K-12)

  • Digital Citizenship- understanding, practicing, and respecting
    rights & responsibilities, while making
    ethical & accountable decisions when online
  • Digital Security
    - exercising precaution & protection while
    making safe & secure decisions when online
  • Digital Communication
    - communicating with others
    through the use of technology while
    practicing etiquette & civility and making
    conscientious & honorable decisions when online
  • Digital Media
    - using others' created works while
    making legal & proper decisions when online

Tentative Action Plan


  • Conduct a pre-Cyber Safety survey of the faculty to assess their understanding of cyber citizenship, cyber bullying, and creating a consciousness of responsible, ethical, and accountable use of technology
  • Introduce initiative to school board, administration and faculty
  • Provide teachers with scope and sequence, along with resources to deliver instruction (trying to find real examples that are level and discipline specific)
  • Teachers deliver instruction to students
  • Cyber Safety committee and teachers assess the curriculum that was used in 2010-2011 school year
    • Conduct a post-Cyber Safety survey of the faculty to assess their instruction and students' reception, learning, understanding, performance, and assessment of the Cyber Safety topics
  • Edit/revise Cyber Safety curriculum for 2011-2012 school year
  • Edit/revise Teacher Resources and Scope and Sequence


  • Create "campaign" to build awareness, acceptance, and cohesiveness of Cyber Safety between all stakeholders
  • Provide teachers with revised scope and sequence, along with additional resources to deliver instruction (trying to find real examples that are level and discipline specific)
  • Teachers deliver instruction to students
  • After we are "up and running" invite media into district to report the "good" we are doing in the area for the protection of our student body, and our students' families as a whole

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Curriculum -

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Guidelines & Resources for Internet Safety in Schools, Virginia Dept. of Education:

Contact Melanie Wiscount, Cyber Safety Curriculum Committee Chairperson (sub-committee of Emerging Technologies Committee of Palmyra Area School District, Palmyra, PA) at for information, questions or comments.