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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

In attendance: Abbie Mahaffey, Karen McCarthy, JoDell Thomas, Daryl Reisinger, and Melanie Wiscount
  • Introduction of committee wiki - register to join wiki
  • Use wiki to get, add, and share information this summer; we can also post messages to committee members in the Discussion tab at top of wiki
  • The need for district-wide Cyber Safety intitative
  • Steps in starting initiative:
    • Set goals
    • Create scope and sequence
    • Choose curriculum
    • Create wiki for providing teachers with Cyber Safety resources & curriculum (hopefully, comprehensively and discipline-specific)
    • Embrace all stakeholders (students, parents, teachers, administrators, and community)
    • Create initiative logo and slogan
    • Introduce teachers to Cyber Safety resources and curriculum during in-service days in August 2010
    • Create an action plan for Cyber Safety initiative for 2011-2012 school year
    • Treat initiative as a campaign for "buy-in" factor among all stakeholders
    • Deliver in a positive note, emphasizing Cyber Citizenship
    • Find ways to create a "cool factor" to follow this initiative
    • Remember that Cyber Safety is more than just Cyber Bullying
  • Plans for summer:
    • Read over resources to get an education to what "scope and sequence" should include
    • Contact Jon Landis, Millersville University for his advice in creating district Cyber Safety initiative
    • Contact PA Attorney General's office for names of school districts that are already delivering a successful Cyber Safety district-wide plan
    • Have second meeting sometime in the first week of August 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010

In attendance: Abbie Mahaffey, Carolyn Ward, Melanie Wiscount

Objective: To review the information on CyberSafety (objectives, curriculum, curriculum packages) and make decisions on how to build an age and level appropriate CyberSafety curriculum.

CyberSafety curriculum for district should -
  • Be complete with resources both digital and non-digital for teacher ease
  • Organize by level, and then each grade in a matrix on wiki
  • Categorize topics within curriculum
  • Make it simple for all to understand, follow, and use
  • Have lesson plan directions and resources as links/files
  • Make it positive in topic title
  • Comprehensive in including cybersafety, cyberbullying, and cyber citizenship
  • Align to standards (PA, NBEA, NETS) whenever possible
Tom Corbett, Attorney General's office - made contact with Diana Woodside about program/initiative
Curriculum development:
  • Elementary - Carolyn Ward
  • Middle - Abbie Mahaffey
  • High - Melanie Wiscount
Will send out email to all members to schedule second meeting of committee - Monday, August 9, Wednesday, August 11, or Thursday, August 12

Meet with building administrators after second meeting of committee to discuss introduction, direction, and expectations to faculty in August in-service

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

In attendance: Lisa Hernley, Dave Jones, Abbie Mahaffey, Karen McCarthy, JoDell Thomas, Carolyn Ward, Melanie Wiscount

Objective: To review the K12 CyberSafety curriculum created by Carolyn Ward (elementary level), Abbie Mahaffey (middle school), and Melanie Wiscount (high school), and talk over the introduction to PASD faculty of the CyberSafety curriculum and expectations during in-service.



  • Review with attendees progression of PASD CyberSafety wiki
  • Review strategy of program; offer invitation for members to enter beliefs & slogan into wiki until next meeting
  • Introduce attendees to PASD CyberSafety Curriculum:
    • Scope & Sequence
    • Elementary level
    • Middle school level
    • High school level
  • Expectations of curriculum teaching
    • Each grade will be exposed to four lessons in one school year (one lesson in the four areas of digital citizenship, digital security, digital communication, and digital media
    • Teachers have flexibility and choice to select the lesson and/or components of lesson to teach
    • Packets will be provided to each teacher with lessons and resources, as well as wiki URL
    • To track what is taught, googleDocs will be set up for each level for teachers to post what was taught and in what grade level and course
    • Karen McCarthy & JoDell Thomas offered to teach a full grade at high school on various lessons that touch on their discipline
      • Health 10 - Cyberbullying
      • Health 11 - Sexting
      • Libary - Digital media lessons
      • Will talk to driver ed instructor on incorporating lessons on distracted driving in Driver Ed for 10th grader
    • Melanie Wiscount will meet with Dr. Van Noord to showcase curriculum
    • Carolyn, Abbie, and Melanie will meet with respective administrators to introduce and showcase curriculum and discuss faculty introduction to cybersafety curriculum during in-service program on Friday, August 18, 2010.
    • Committee agreed that "word of mouth" between committee members and faculty will inspire teachers to incorporate bits and pieces of the four lessons into their instruction as tie-ins to their content area, bellringers, closing activities, or content to deliver in shortened periods or pre-holiday breaks.
    • Action plan was discussed for 2010-2011 school year - see above - add to it a presentation to faculty by FBI agent set up by Carolyn Ward during in-service (Friday)
    • Separate program pilot surveys taken by:
      • faculty
      • students
      • parents
    • Create mini poster to be posted in K12 homerooms - will be designed and sent out for vote
    • Introduce PASD curriculum to specific audience and when/what event:
      • Superintendent - Week of August 16
      • Building administrators - Week of August 16
      • School Board - September School Board meeting
      • Faculty - Friday in-service in conjunction with FBI presentation
        • Packets in each teacher's mailbox
      • Students - announcements; classroom poster
        • Assembly by Tom Corbett's office - high school
      • Parents - letter home after school board meeting in September; Back-to-School night, Open House
        • Announcements at sports functions - 30 second PR release
      • Community - to businesses formally, Spring 2011
        • Announcements at sports functions - 30 second PR release
        • Newspaper coverage - Lebanon Daily News
        • PASD Newsletter
        • Television coverage - WGAL-TV Channel 8
    • Continue networking with Tom Corbett's, PA Attorney General, office throughout pilot year
    • In first year of program (2011-2012 school year), run campaign, extend media coverage, have student ambassadors who visit other area school districts, hold Anti-bullying Week school & community wide, professional conference presentations
    • A special thank you to Carolyn Ward and Abbie Mahaffey for creating the elementary and middle school level curricula, respectively

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

In attendance: Karen McCarthy, JoDell Thomas, Lisa Hernley, and Melanie Wiscount

Update PASD CyberSafety Curriculum
  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Google Form
  • Word of Mouth
Other Schools
  • Wilkes Barre
  • PSU
  • School district in Texas
  • US Department of Education/Office of Educational Technology
Media Exposure
  • Penn Live
  • Harrisburg Patriot News – 8/27/2010
  • Lebanon Daily News – 10/23/2010
Beliefs of program
Slogan of program
Action Plan for Pilot Year
  • Faculty takes a pre-program survey to assess understanding of cybersafety,
  • cyberbullying, and cybercitizenship
  • Students take a pre-program survey to gather data to substantiate need
  • Parents’ online survey
  • Posters to hang in rooms – vote by email/survey
  • Document what is taught
  • Network with Tom Corbett’s office
  • Introduce to parents at open houses, back to school night, concerts, games, etc. –
  • come up with PR news bulletins
  • Faculty takes post-Cyber Safety; Students take post-Cyber Safety
Question & Answer
Open Forum

Contact Melanie Wiscount, Cyber Safety Curriculum Committee Chairperson (sub-committee of Emerging Technologies Committee of Palmyra Area School District, Palmyra, PA) at for information, questions or comments.